Fourwinds Construction is committed to providing all the necessary means and resources for a healthy and safe working environment. Our company encourages safe handling practices with the highest values being placed on integrity and the health and safety of workers, visitors, the surrounding community and the natural environment.

Fourwinds Construction has developed a Health and Safety policy that helps to ensure our safety objectives. This program includes policies and procedures that encompass various areas of health, safety and emergencies. The program also includes various forms, inspections, audits and assessments as well as a process for review, continuous improvement, implementation and enforcement of policies. In addition to the above mentioned, processes are also included for ongoing training and review of the Health and Safety Program as well as behavior based performances. We believe that this is an important and vital part of the safety program.

Fourwinds Construction is in constant contact with all Ontario Health and Safety organizations keeping up to date with new regulations and procedures. We work with these organizations to ensure that our company provides our workers, and people associated with our workers with the latest safety protocols and technologies.

A copy of the Fourwinds Construction Inc. Health and Safety Policy is available upon request.

“Safe Working is Smart Working”